Creativity is a game changer. You can learn so much about yourself from the creative process.


Looking to others to stroke your ego is a losing battle. Frankly, it is not the job of family, friends, romantic partners or even colleagues to make you feel good about yourself. Likewise, it is not your job to stroke anyone’s ego. Through the development of a strong sense of self, seeking praise and compliments from others will no longer be necessary. In fact, sometimes praise and compliments are a means to manipulate and it is important to have mechanisms in place to protect yourself from that.

Sometimes, creative expression can assist with difficult emotions. Some people paint and some people compose music, while some people write. Most certainly, there are a wide array of creative acts employed to deal with a variety of emotions.  For me, storytelling can be a form of release.  In this case, I used storytelling as a means to move through the challenging emotions of grief.

In this day and age, we are inundated with information. We have information in the palm of our hand. We can look up anything our hearts desire. This may be why we see so many people walking the streets with their eyes glued to a phone or another smart gadget. When our focus remains consistently in one place, we end up missing the magic around us.

Siegfried Sassoon’s poem, ‘In Me, Past, Present, Future Meet’ is noteworthy for a number of reasons, not just for the poem and the possible interpretations of it, but also for the poet behind the poem. Sassoon was a complex human being (like many of us) and this may be why this poem strikes a chord, as it helps us to understand the complexity of decision-making.

Stories have an important role to play. They can free us from feeling stuck in our lives. Stories can heal and help us to come to terms with troublesome events, especially when they are shared with trusted confidants. Stories have the power to shift our perceived place and space in this world.  Stories have the ability to influence thoughts and decisions.  They help us to understand what happened before, what is happening now and what may happen in the future.   Stories can also transport us to other places and worlds, right from the comforts of our home.